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jass help

  1. Kusumato


    0x507A3C44 Can be converted to english? StringHash(s)==0x7A02BF51 then
  2. Austrulex

    [JASS] Trigger on Damage Script not working

    Hi, Please tell me why this trigger is not working? function Slammed takes nothing returns boolean if ( not ( GetEventDamage() > 0.00 ) ) then return false endif if ( not ( GetUnitAbilityLevelSwapped('A00A', GetEventDamageSource()) >= 1 ) ) then return false...
  3. ElderTreant

    [JASS] How to get location of ally's army

    Hi guys, I'm going to make AI stick together by lead them to other ally's army. I have made every unit of AI follow their army or their heroes. It worked pretty good. set u = FirstOfGroup(g) ...... // Follow their army call IssuePointOrder(u, "move", GetLocationX(army_loc[main_army])...
  4. HerlySQR

    [General] Is it ok this function?

    I created a function in JASS to destroy the last played sound when it finished, but when I called it the game doesn't recognize it, what I'm doing bad?, and by the way tell me if the function is good or there are better options. function dlps takes nothing returns nothing local sound s...
  5. HerlySQR

    [Solved] Problem with a damage detector

    I downloaded this damage detector (I'm using the 1.26 version), but for some reason all the units have the spell "Brilliance Aura" but not the normal, that what I copy and customed, why this happens?
  6. HerlySQR

    [General] I'm begining using JASS but...

    I tried this thing of creating a functions, but always I get Syntax errors, and the tutorials of this forum don't say why? What am I doing bad? (Pls don't ask me why am I using the old Jass New Gen)
  7. sonphamthe11H

    something I cant understand

    in the DotA ( v6.83c ) script by Dracol1ch,I see many strange things 1.$F20 2. orderid 852515 so how did they be encoded?How to decode them?
  8. InSaNe_97

    [General] JASS, I need help for simple AI.

    Greetings. I am learning JASS so I need a bit of help. I am asking public to make Me a simple AI in JASS. That way I will be able to much easier understand things and finish My map. AI: 1. B and A in 180 r. while B is running "2" |then| Order B to attack A for 2s *. 2. B and C in 140 r. |then|...
  9. Oppression

    Need help with custom coding

    Im not new to triggers, but Im very new to custom script. I know this might have been discussed before, but I struggled to find it, sorry for inconvenience. So, for the question. I created dummy for channel spell, have custom script to cast ability but I cant figure out how to encode target...
  10. Joying

    Have an idea for a script. (Looking for JASS teacher, I can teach you JAVA, Android)

    Hi. I'm a JAVA (Android) developer, and I did some map editing in the past. I already know the basics of the editor, as well as the basics of the triggers, but I don't know much about scripting in JASS. The idea which I would like to make: Two separate teams. If a team destroys the oppsing...
  11. Ragnar9

    Jass NewGen and Windows 7

    Hi all, I have been trying to get Jass NewGen on my laptop, with windows 7, unsuccessfully for a while now. I managed to get it installed except for the last step where it says "Select directory Warcraft 3 is installed to" after going through program files x86 and then the Warcraft 3 folder I...