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jass 2 lua

  1. HerlySQR

    Lua W3 handles instantiation

    Hello, while I wanted to translate the Zwiebelchen's Threat System to Lua, during the Debug Board it checkes the handles that are existing in the map and to asign them an integer does an operation that involves creating 50 locations, get their handle ids and finally removing all of them every...
  2. HerlySQR

    [Crash] Error with the Lua transpiler?

    Ok, this error never happened to me, and I don't have idea what tries to tell me, I need an explanation, only I know is just for having this trigger: Jijimon House Enter Leave Events Map initialization Conditions Actions Set VariableSet TP_EnterRect = JijimonsHouse...
  3. Macadamia

    ...then I found the automatic JASS to LUA converter.

    Hello there ! As some of you already know, especially as I often come here to ask for help when I am hitting difficulties, I am currently converting my map from Jass2 to Lua. I have gone quite far, and only a few functions remain problematic, not mentioning the upcoming hidden bugs I have not...