issue order

  1. bruunk

    [Trigger] Workaround for "Order Unit to (Ability)" stopping unit

    I want a seamless ability that is toggled on and off, it is based on Immolation for the toggleability and Berserk for the buffs that it gives. I do not want to use item buffs because they don't give the damage amp that berserk offers, as it is necessary for this ability. Is there a way that the...
  2. qbz

    Neutral Hostile Unit Stops Attacking if Ordered to Beserk after being taunted

    I can attach a video if it helps, but basically, if I fight my neutral hostile unit without taunting it, it will function as expected, casting berserk every X seconds and continuing to attack its target. However, if the unit was taunted before being ordered to berserk, it will still correctly...
  3. dfxiispro

    [Solved] Issue order Attack once not working

    So I have two triggers that use Issue Unit Order Targeting a Unit. The first is when casting an ability: AttackAbility Events Unit - A unit Begins casting an ability Conditions (Ability being cast) Equal to Attack Actions If (All Conditions are True) then...
  4. Death Adder

    [General] computer AI issuing move orders & other unknown orders

    I've got some trouble with Computer AI issuing orders to computer owned units (even though I've used AI - Ignore Unit Guard Position or native RemoveGuardPosition takes unit hUnit returns nothing in jass). Order Ids public constant integer instant2=851987 //? public constant integer...
  5. TheAyalalalalon

    [Trigger] Attacking priority GUI Trigger

    Hello I am trying to finish this trigger that should make certain units(buildings in this case) stop from attacking heros and change the objective of the order to another random non hero unit in their range My problem is that i can not create the action nohero attack Events Unit -...