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  1. FeruEnzeruJKun

    [solved] Is it okay that i can update my WC3 version to 1.30.2, please? :")

    i am going to do a little or a medium bit of the WE (with 1.30.2) for a little excuse rather than now before i can continue reading Warcraft lore (on Wowpedia or warcraft sites) or Starcraft lore (SC wikia or somewhere) or others unfortunately. :ain: To be obvious, i was occasionally in a mood...
  2. Ashevelendar

    [Solved] Fast Travel

    Hello :) As the name says I was thinking about making a fast travel system for my map. It is easy to make a unit enter a region and then move it to another one but that would be too easy and would not let the player actually choose where he wants to travel. My question is : Is is possible to...