1. Azure Dragon Cave

    Azure Dragon Cave

  2. Northrend Frost Giant (WIP)

    Northrend Frost Giant (WIP)

    Found in the snowy mountain of Storm Peaks in Northrend, ice or frost giants are immense humanoids serving the titans. They are intelligent and reasonable beings who sometimes even ally with other non-giants if they share a common goal.
  3. CodeBlack

    [Spell] Ui/ way to provide overview over stacks

    Hey there, Im currently trying to find a way to show the player how many Stacks he accumulated on a certain ability without using messages (they look ugly af). The ability has 3 different stack types and i dont have enough space to place 3 dummy abilities as info fields. i tried to use the orb...
  4. Retera


    The Northpact is one of the Heaven's Fall races, and a current work in progress. I created the models and assets for it, with the theme in mind of a band of Tuskarr and Northrend snow creatures working together for survival. There's more to it than that in the Heaven's Fall storyline, but that's...