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human race

  1. Syczewski

    [SD/Texturing] Need some human heads.

    I making soldiers models of WW I-II. A can make a little torso textures but i can't make faces. would be very grateful to someone who will make textures for at least 4-5 faces (but it will be even better if you decide to make a head model).
  2. Geekio

    [Campaign] The Heart of Zoraan

    Caught in the midst of a bloody civil war, the noble heroes Goffrey and Fidela undertake a perilous adventure to unknown shores in order to restore peace to their home and thwart a nefarious plot of world domination.... STORY The Heart of Zoraan takes place loosely within the WarCraft universe...
  3. BrazilEmperor

    Help! i need suggestions!

    Hi Folks! i'm working in a one of my maps. is about a personal version of me of the human race in a fantastic Tolkienian universe. the problem is that I did not decide on what I would designate a unit that I created, called "Templar" (based on the Paladin). this unit would have 4 abilities (one...
  4. psychodablo

    [Altered Melee] Human Conflict (4 Player MP)

    Human Conflict 4 Player Multiplayer map HC - River Divided Concept Human Conflict is an idea I had for a long time where 3 empires are at war in a different universe. The concept revolves around each having their own way of living, economy, military, way of thinking. They all believe their own...