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  1. Shinobi Man

    [HD/Modeling] Ninja

    Hello everyone, I am Shinobi and I am an old WCIII fan. I need help making a Campaign for a ninja. The problem is, I can't find or make a ninja hero for this. I need the ninja to be reforged, texture with MDX and a portrait icon. Here is an example of the ninja. Make him all black if possible...
  2. Timoren

    MODEL REQUEST - Human Rifleman Hero

    As title says. For my rts zombie invasion map project. Hero similar to Asssssvi's Rifleman Lordaeron model could be alright. Human hero with a rifle (not wearing full plate, light or medium armour please).
  3. Letgoit2

    Multiple Spell KIT for my Hero's map!

    Hello! ^^ I will make it short and no useles talking. Currently iam working on a Melee Map with events and all that good stuff. So i planned like ALOT OF heros to chose from. And i DO have some Ideas for champions kit but i need help with the execution as iam still learning. I will credit the...