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#help #triggers

  1. PerPlumeShake

    [Solved] Custom Minimap Screen Preview Music Topic

    Hello, I was wondering how can i put Music in my Custom Minimap Screen Preview like this? I also remembered that dota has this also but I do not know how Credits to world editor tutorials for this img
  2. PerPlumeShake

    Skill cooldown reduce Help

    Hello guys, can I ask how to reduce the skills cooldown for everytime the unit cast that skill that reduces the cooldown of the skills. If the caster didn't cast that skill within seconds, the skills cooldown would return to normal. Hope anyone could help me with it, thanks in advance
  3. Karton

    Problem with replacing dialogues in the editor ,

    Hello, I have a problem (I know it is trivial) with replacing dialogues in a custom campaign (I want to replace the subtitles with my native language), but when I do it, it either does not detect the map or an error pops up (with the main descriptions, an error pops up, and when editing...
  4. Ragnar9

    Allies and Forces

    My question is about allies. this trigger here has Mint joining the Evil team (red, purple, coal). Players have choices to join the evil, good or hostile team. Lets say Green joins the Evil team too, how can i make so green and mint are allied contingent on them choosing to join the evil team...
  5. HolyWillRise

    [Import] HELP!

    How can i make 1 spell to scale from attributes? For example... Flame strike deals x20 INT damage. And 1 more for example: Heals the target ally for 10x int. ***Imporatnt*** I am very bad with scripts and events. please show me the easiest way to do it, or with video (if...
  6. HolyWillRise

    [Import] HELP! I am working at big project but i have problems with a lot of things.

    I am using the building (Techtree) for upgrades and also create own custom upgrades but i can do only a few talents by using Techtree and custom upgrades... Also i never worked with scripts, Gui or even with Events (With events just a little bit) Also.. I created a spell to raise dead army from...
  7. Ragnar9

    Triggering noob

    hello, as the title states I am not good a triggers, variables and the like. Ive been looking for a good tutorial and cant seem to find one. Would someone mind sharing one with me? I tried to do a few triggers myself and failed. I would like to start small and build my up to the more...