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  1. BigMacNCheese

    How Disable Bladestorm Movement?

    Hello guys, can I ask how to disable movement while casting Bladestorm without cancelling the caster's animation? Thanks in advance. :D
  2. Thormil

    Rise of the Blood Elves Difficulty

    Hello everybody, I'm pretty new/old here and I've just rediscovered my love for Warcraft 3 and the ability to play Custom Campaigns and so forth. One of these campaigns, Rise of the Blood Elves, seem to be highly rated yet I've tried playing it and struggled a lot. I'm a noob I suppose but is...
  3. Witches

    Need help with adding a condition.

    Hi, new to the site and the map making community, so this might be a dumb question, but how would i make a condition of a unit being dead. Im making a cutscene and I want to have a certain hero die before it can be triggered, and ive tried everything I can think of and nothing works.
  4. Ragnar9

    Terrain Pathing

    Up until a recent patch (a couple months ago) the file I use to edit terrain pathability was working well. However it does not work now and quite frankly is game breaking. Does anyone know a solution? Or does anyone know of another way? This is the original tutorial: Tutorial: Modifying Terrain...