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help a friend

  1. Guro

    [SD/Misc] Question about ''Team 1'' only Map. (Map Suggestion Appreciated)

    Hello, I don't know if this is a right place to ask about this but I'll give it a chance: I found this Map and wanted to play with friends but seems like it has only Team 1 Available and cant start the map because of it. Is there any way to fix this? I don't get it why was it made for 24...
  2. Rhengar

    [General] The castle incident

    So i have a big problem. My base is supposed to block the enemy from moving trough it. however since all my units have collision size 0 and are flying they pass right through it, which is supposed to be this way since my units spawn behind the castle to move through the castle towards the enemy...
  3. egixaass

    HELP !!!! I need help to find a map!!!

    Hello (Sorry for bad English in front) I am looking for a map which I played when I was 10 years old (now i am 25) it's a map where you start with elf archer and there are 9 or 10 of us the same character we all are in the castle and we defend it together from the orc horde. Every orc who has...
  4. HerlySQR

    Someone to help me to prove my maps

    Hello somebody wanna help me to prove my maps, because those are multiplayer and I need somebody (I play in the 1.26a).
  5. Veray

    A Custom Map I Played Once

    Hi everyone! I was hoping someone else might remember a custom map that I use to play a lot, a long time ago. From what I remember it was some sort of survival style map. The map itself was massive, I think it was mostly tropical, but remember a giant snowy mountain in the west side of the map...
  6. InSaNe_97

    [Spell] Channeling spell that restore hp per point of mana.

    Greetings! I want to make a spell that when activated every second restore 1% of hp but drains 1% of mana. Actually don't need to be channeling but whatever type of spell is possible. In advice thank You.
  7. InSaNe_97

    [General] Negative hp regen when no mana.

    Greetings! I want to make that every unit will have mana and -0,1 mana regen, when it reaches 0 unit got -0,1 hp regen, when unit got some mana hp regen goes to 0 again and so on. Any way to make it? In advice thank You.
  8. InSaNe_97

    [General] Special type Scoreboard

    Greetings! I need another help, I need to make scoreboard that works in a specific way. Game is end when all bosses is killed, for now there is just two bosses. Bosses are independent each from another, meaning that they not spawn before or after other bosses, and for now, they are in the map...
  9. InSaNe_97

    [General] Double-sided resources.

    Greetings! I need a bit of help, I need to make (for now just for gold) double-sided resources, let me introduce you what I mean. In incoming map I'm making (I will post it on Hive Workshop), player play with chosen hero, one of heroes available is "Shadow Demon", it is one hero with two bodies...
  10. FSK

    How to open war3.mpq files in war3 model editor?

    Should be easy but when I look in MPQ browser says unable to find
  11. KNEZ95

    [Altered Melee] PLEASE HELP!

    Hello fellow fans of World Editor, I recently made a map and I spent over 20 hours in desperate attempts to fix the problem I get. The map is still not completed and it is early Alpha/Beta version but the problem about it is that when I turn AI to play, no matter if there is 1,2 or 11 AI players...
  12. nightelfbuilder

    Dalaran Spires

    can someone make a texture or a model for the Dalaran spires, I know there is a skin for that already but I need a more purple one like in Wow.
  13. mrwhite-

    Recruitment: Need your help for Liquipedia!

    Hello all, We are a handful of passionate guys, that are currently developing and establishing a Liquipedia for Warcraft 3 - Our goal is to both lower the entry of information for newer players but also assist etablished players with fundamental knowledge about the game. We are all volunteers...
  14. Mister_Haudrauf

    Optimizing Wow Animations

    Hello friends, as the title says: I am trying to make a model that has Wow animations (I actually use a base model from Warcraft Underground), but i want to optimize the animations as good as possible without ruining them. Care to help me with this, if you know how? Then Please anwser as...