1. darkravenbest

    Saving local group in hashtable

    Hello, maybe it will seem a very retarded question. But really cant understant what seems to be a problem. I just making a map for myself for fun and tried to port trigger from Open Dota, Warlock SpellBound. It was very old version with returnbug, so i replace it with hashtable and stuff. And im...
  2. Akuto05

    [Spell] Help with hashtables and MUI

    Hey, I usually use arrays to make my spells MUI, however I wanted to check out hashtables recently, since working with the handle ID of things seems like it could be very useful in a lot of cases. Arrays can also become a bit of a pain to deal with, especially if multi arrays are needed. Hence...
  3. Peach Schnapps

    What are the differences in MUI setups?

    From what I’ve read there’s multiple ways to go about setting up an MUI spell or “system”, using an array, using hash tables, I’m just curious are any of these considered the optimal method? Are there draw backs to any?
  4. Veracius

    [Trigger] Weird unit hashtable save/load

    Hello, I'm having a bit of a trouble with a specific part of a charge trigger. Let me explain the issue here. In trigger "Rush cast" I'm saving this: Hashtable - Save Handle Of(Target unit of ability being cast) as 0 of (Key (Casting unit)) in ht_charge And in trigger "Rush loop" I'm loading...
  5. zellneaj

    Hashtable Not Working

    I've started getting back into the editor after Reforged came out and I've had a problem using hashtables (using WC3 Reforged) in my map so I made a very simple map with a VERY basic trigger to debug the problem. Basically, If a unit casts an ability, save the real value 100 and then immediately...
  6. George Stinz

    Hashtable as GUI leak protection?

    Given an action like such: Create 1 Footman for Player 1 (Red) at (Center of (Playable map area)) facing ... (Center of (Playable map area)) will create a point which will not be garbage collected, as I understand it. Therefore, most tutorials will recommend the following explicit action: Set...
  7. Jesus from Ukraine

    [General] Limit of units trained per building

    What i want: I was trying to create an autotraining system for buildings, something simmilar to Castle Fight, but with one important condition: Every building can have only limited ammount of alive units at a time. I.e. Barracks#1 trains units until the established limit of units (let's say it...
  8. Woodenplank

    [Trigger] MUI and simultaneous cycles

    So I've created a spell that sends a line of 8 explosions down a path, dealing damage. The explosions proc every 0.85 seconds, so a full line takes about 7 seconds to complete. The spell works just fine, but the Hero has a "cooldown reset" ability, so it has to be MUI - and indeed, with...
  9. UUcounterspell

    Question hashtables and arrays

    Hello all script writers sorry I'm noob on this topic. I think that hashtables look similar to arrays of arrays (2d arrays) because 2 indexes are used to recover one value, just like column and row number in a paper table, but they have different names and people write that hashtables hold a...
  10. Kakorin(KvS)

    [General] Any way to recover an ability from a Hashtable?

    I really want to know how can i. I want it for my invoker hero, wich needs to recover an ability to remove it. Like this : Set Variable - InvokedAbility = Load 5 from Triggering Unit from Hashtable. Unit - Remove Ability - InvokedAbility
  11. Argus

    [Solved] Failing to load (or save?) certain values from hashtable

    I'm setting up this system that saves a bunch of destructibles in a hashtable, and then also sets the corresponding coordinate in another hashtable to true or false depending on if there was a destructible there to save. Tile Indexer Events Conditions Actions For each...
  12. deadlycwa

    [Trigger] Help with Hashtables

    So I just started learning about Hashtables and think they're pretty neat. I've been trying to use them to connect pathing-blockers with gates that can rotate (so I don't have to use separate units for Gate (Horizontal), Gate (Vertical), Gate (Northwest Facing), Gate (Northeast Facing), etc. and...