harvest gold update

  1. Sxar

    [General] Rais Pig Skill

    I need a system that detect the number of untis in multiple cargos. Then after 5 seconds increase gold of the owner player in 5 g for each unit in each cargo individualy. Example pawn1 enter on pigfarm1 elapsed time 5 sec. owner of the pawn get 5g. another pawn enter 2 seconds after the las...
  2. Raen7

    [GUI] Undead Gold Gathering (Harvesting) Upgrade

    Intro I was recently trying to build a map with "improved resource gathering" upgrades. This is very simple for Human and Orc (based off the Human "Improved Lumber Harvesting" upgrade), and semi-simple for Night Elf (the upgrade has to use a separate effect called "Gold harvesting bonus...
  3. JaLu

    [General] Gold Collection Bonus Effect not working

    Hi everyone I'm Javier, this is my first post here. I went here for some help, so the point is that I want to make an update for the sawmill of humans, in which it increases the capacity of collecting gold of the peasants (equal to the bonus of wood but only with gold). The problem is that in...