1. pyf

    The Browser hardware acceleration screen test

    Opera 12.18 6 fps 8 fps FS (but the screen is black) New Moon 27.9.4 (build 2018-12-14 by Roytam1) 5 fps 5 fps FS Serpent/Basilisk 52 (build 2018.12.15 by Roytam1) 7 fps 7 fps FS Firefox 52.9.0 ESR 6 fps 5 fps FS Google Chrome 49.0.2623.112 34 fps 32 fps FS Maxthon 5 fps 4...
  2. Wicia

    World Editor refreshing issue

    Hello, I was searching similar thread on forum but I could not find it. I have strange issue after opening big map in WE. Randomly Editor hangs, my whole laptop screen becomes black, system sound comes (problem sound... I think) and then everything return to initial state. This whole sequence...