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  1. Cheshire

    [Spell] Blink Hardcoded to only target explored?

    Hey, Is blink hardcoded to only target areas you have explored or is there some way to alter this in the OE? (I know it's a pretty easy ability to trigger, I'm just trying to get around all of the OE grunt work if possible...) thanks!
  2. Kretoma

    [General] Gold harvesting pathing in water

    Greetings community! :) I have faced a similar issue as in this thread: [General] - Pathing Issue: Returning Resources over deep water I uploaded the file. I made it as minimatistic as possible. I made two only water placeable buildings out of the human shipyard. One with the gold mine...
  3. Bluetime

    [Spell] Health/Mana Regeneration Amplification based on current Health/Mana Regeneration Point

    Hello Guys, How to do amplifying health/mana regeneration based on current health/mana regeneration points by hardcoded or by GUI method? Thanks e.g. 10 health regeneration x 20% regeneration amplification = 12 health regeneration ;)
  4. Marebre

    [General] Negative armor and how to disable it

    Is there a way to disable negative armor values? All the effects (Orb of Corruption, Acid Bomb, etc.) should still reduce armor but never bellow zero. I'm certain that, by default, minimum armor is -20 or -71% damage resistance, and everything after only updates text but the damage resistance...