1. HerlySQR

    Lua W3 handles instantiation

    Hello, while I wanted to translate the Zwiebelchen's Threat System to Lua, during the Debug Board it checkes the handles that are existing in the map and to asign them an integer does an operation that involves creating 50 locations, get their handle ids and finally removing all of them every...
  2. rufreakde

    [General] handle type is pointerlike?

    Hey Guys, I found out that the "handle" type is the parent type of the variables you define in the Trigger Editor GUI. JASS Manual: Types It is also some kind of "pointer". So I thought nice gonna use it like in C++ then: Defined a variable with type ability (derived from: <-agent<-handle)...
  3. RobertMKD

    Hashtable problem

    Hi, I am saving a few timer handles into a hashtable and I am loading their data once the timers expire with the (Key(Expiring Timer)). I am saving 2 integers and 1 real for each timer and I don't know how to load the data of another timer which is not the expiring one.