1. Loki18

    [SD/Modeling] Can we have Dragons

    Can we have some different dragons for our future maps? I prefer for Classic version Like Got/HotD, The Hobbit/LotR, Reign of Fire style ones. "Wyverns" just like olof's Lindormr Dragon and would love them to have air/ground morphs for cinematics or whatever reason. Fyi. I know the difference...
  2. PartumCreed

    Looking for Game of Thrones maps!

    Hello there, I'm a huge GoT fan but I can't seem to find any decent maps made based on the series. If you happen to know a map or two, please do let me know.
  3. inQuisitoor

    A terrain of Westeros

    I came up with idea of makeing ASoIaF by G.R.R.M map. Some roleplay, events from books, more realistic heroes but I am the worst terrainer what this world have seen. So I need someone to make map terrain wich I can use. Of course this person will have a huge influence on map. I know the are some...
  4. hoar_guigui

    Games of Thrones Reborn

    Hi everyone I post this projet based on robert rebellion Terran and LTA tactic Based. The map need some new spell,new hero and some event. This map is almost finished. I looking for help to finished this map and post the beta cause i m little lbit blocked to some triggers like auto leveling hero...