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good & evil ii

  1. Mathayis

    Good & Evil II Map review request

    Howdy there! I hope I'm posting this in the right spot... Basically, I'm just looking to get my RPG Map "Good & Evil II" Reviewed, it had a really rough launch due to the patch 1.31.1 breaking a lot of triggers, and causing many bugs... This is very important, my map Good an Evil 2 only works...
  2. Good and Evil II Between Worlds.....

    Good and Evil II Between Worlds.....

    Geez, it's been a while since I've drawn anything :p .....I was working on the custom game, Good and Evil II over the past 5 years and felt like trying to make some cover art for it.... Hope you get the chance to enjoy the story~
  3. Miles. Good & Evil II

    Miles. Good & Evil II

    Miles....As a young child he was dumped on the front doorstep of Duncans, after his parents discovered something about him.. Him and Kiye became best of friends, practically brother! Miles starts his journey after he gets a phone call from his sister, wanting to meet.....