goblin laboratory

  1. Veronnis

    [General] Reference Using Player of Goblin Lab's Reveal.

    Hello, I'm using a spell (charge gold and lumber) that works much like Reveal, from the Goblin Laboratory. I want the game to tell me which player purchased this service, instead it only returns the player number of the merchant. Does anyone know how to return the purchasing player?
  2. Shaeam

    [Melee] (4) Deluge (Melee Map)

    (4) Deluge Map CategoryMelee Suggested Players2v2 or FFA (Red) Creep Camps3 (7 including mine guardians) (Orange) Creep Camps18 (Green) Creep Camps8 Neutral BuildingsTavern (4), Goblin Merchant (2), Goblin Laboratory (2), Mercenary Camp (Lordaeron Summer) (4), Fountain of Mana (1), Waygate...