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  1. Daliox1

    [Solved] Icons request

    Hi Warcraft lovers ! I took a quick look on ressources, but I could not find an icon representing few factions (like Banner/flag icons). Here are the faction I'm looking for atm : Void elves, High elves, Nightbornes & Mechagnomes. Anyone could do something about it to help me ? I do not need...
  2. Alliance Heroes

    Alliance Heroes

    - Paladin - Mountain King - Grand Marshall - High Engineer (Summons: Spider tank / mechanostrider) - Archmage (Summons: Water Elemental)
  3. Joaking

    Need some Dwarf/Gnome Reforged Turret models :)

    Hi everyone, I'm working on a map with some Disciplish 2 mechanics and I need a Reforged Turret model for one of my Hero abilities, all help is welcomed :) thanks! ps: happy new year!
  4. 04. Gnomeregan - 1

    04. Gnomeregan - 1

  5. 04. Gnomeregan - 2

    04. Gnomeregan - 2

  6. 04. Gnomeregan - 3

    04. Gnomeregan - 3

  7. 04. Gnomeregan - 4

    04. Gnomeregan - 4

  8. 04. Gnomeregan - 5

    04. Gnomeregan - 5

  9. Raatten

    Need a gnome texture (and maybe an attack animation)

    Using MatrixEater I fashioned a gnome from the villager child, but of course with the usual texture it just looks odd. The eye is too big, the clothes don't fit in, etc. So, I need some help. I did try to do it myself, but it ended up looking preeeetty crap... Here you can see how my gnome...
  10. Drakensang

    Alliance Leaders models request

    Hello there, I'm in great need of a few models for some Alliance leaders from WoW. I need such models for an Alliance campaign I'm currently working on. At the moment I require models for: Muradin Bronzebeard, a Mountain King and Bronzebeard representative on the Council of Three Hammers: Here...