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  1. HerlySQR

    How get the information of an item just with the type-id? (Or at least help me with the function)

    Hello, I'm creating a save-load system, also a menu for that, it shows what items have, for the charged items I wanna also show how many charges have, the thing is I don't know how to get if a item is charged only with the type-id so I opted to create the item for get that information, the thing...
  2. HerlySQR

    [Solved] Floating text just for one player

    I know I have to use "GetLocalPlayer" but I'm not acquainted about that and I don't wanna do errors because I heard if that is bad executed it will "disconect" the other players , how can I do that? And I wanna make that text move above a unit.
  3. HerlySQR

    How works GetLocalPlayer?

    I wanna know how works the function GetLocalPlayer, because I heard that function takes the player that runs the trigger, but I proof it but always takes me incluiding if I use bots, so if you wanna explain me how really works a gonna thank you because maybe that thing happened because it takes...
  4. slimshaby

    Multiboards not showing

    Hi guys! I've got a problem with my multiboards not showing. I made this trigger and i cannot see either of the 2 multiboards it creates unless i remove the "custom-script-if"-part. Any suggestions? Here is my trigger: [/code] garrisons multiboard Events Time - Elapsed game time...
  5. Poruft

    Desync Safety of BlzSetAbility..() functions

    Does anyone know if things like if (GetLocalPlayer() == p) BlzSetAbilityIcon(abilId,icon) BlzSetAbilityExtendedTooltip(abilId, tooltipExtended, 1) BlzSetAbilityTooltip(abilId, tooltip, 1) will cause desyncs? I'm interested in changing ability icons/text for different players, but I...
  6. JC Helas


    I need your thoughs about proper using of this. Will this desync the game? private function createhero takes nothing returns nothing local unit u=GetSoldUnit() local player p=GetOwningPlayer(u) local integer id=GetPlayerId(p) local real...
  7. Gaerik

    Introducing MultiNaming: Hiding Inventory of Enemies & More

    INTRODUCTION Long post incoming since I intend to make it as friendly as possible for learning mapmakers, but I'm trying to make it easier to read and shuffle through by dividing it into topics. This thread will explain how to use WorldEditor's new object-altering triggers to create multiple...
  8. okfinch

    [JASS] About "SyncInteger" Help me !

    I have just learning about "SyncInteger" not for long. Please read code in below... scope Test initializer Init private function Cond takes nothing returns boolean local integer ip0 //= 100 local integer ip1 //= 10 local integer ip2 //= 20 local integer ip7...