1. almawt

    [Solved] [Trigger] Dice Movement

    Hello! For the last few hours I've been working on making a sorta fun little drinking game, that you play in single player mode. So, I'm trying to work something out where when a player hits the dices (activated by an ability), a random number (2-12) is rolled, the unit moves that amount of...
  2. W

    Question: WarCraft 3: Reforged's necessary mentioned elements

    Does WC3R assemble the too realistic visual elements by the telling of the necessary warning messages, if, in regards to the former? Straightly say, the health and the adaptation to the real world after the switching between the gaming of it (WC3R) and the real life, to ask: are the impacts...
  3. PKM Battle Arena!

    [Arena] PKM Battle Arena! Blog Post Thread

    Hello All. As we release a new blog post every week, it has come to our attention that it floods the forum (thank you deepstrasz for pointing this out), so we have chosen to make this post the hub for all blog posts and discussion on them. Each week we will update this post for our weekly posts...
  4. Kp-chrome


    This is a random made Desktop Wallpaper, if you want me to remove the black background, just tell me! :D Image and Logo Copyrights: -Leauge of Legends Summoners Rift and Logo are owned by Riot Games. -Dota2's Ancient and Logo are owned by Valve.
  5. AndresMachado

    Warcraft 3 multi-player games hosting!

    Hey HIVE community, For everyone to know, my user on Battle.NET (oficial), is Ands737 and realm: US East. Add me there so we can play properly. Also, there's a party I've created for WC3 gaming purposes on EVOLVE for all the players that doesn't have a account. Add me on Evolve...