1. kleinerhauck

    Input issues?

    Especially on a map where I have to spam clicks and hotkeys a lot, sometimes my input is completely ignored for a short period of time (1-10 seconds maybe). This means I cannot click, command a unit, press a spell/command button or use any hotkeys. Maybe it also happens for other maps but is not...
  2. qbz

    Neutral Hostile Unit Stops Attacking if Ordered to Beserk after being taunted

    I can attach a video if it helps, but basically, if I fight my neutral hostile unit without taunting it, it will function as expected, casting berserk every X seconds and continuing to attack its target. However, if the unit was taunted before being ordered to berserk, it will still correctly...
  3. Mgeterno11

    Frozen Elsa and Anna model request

    Hello, I would really appreciate if someone would make (me) and Elsa and Anna model, both from Frozen 1 and 2. The two models would be based on their adventure outfit, I mean Anna: purple cape, blue skirt and black boots. Elsa: her lgiht blue icy dress. Thanks in advance. There is no...
  4. Mansew

    FT installer not recognizing ROC

    i'm running the latest version of macOS Sierra and the current version state of my ROC copy is the ROC installer's version, which is Despite repeatedly uninstalling, redownloading and reinstalling ROC, whenever I try to run the newest installer for FT (which I also downloaded...