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  1. Epic Producer

    [Import] What Path?!

    Okay, my last question. I tried to make the night elf archer to Nightmare's golden light archer... (CREDITS TO NIGHTMARE) using model editor by changing its material... the problem is idk its path... plz help... FIXER +rep +follow (you are my true hero) PS How to find its path? plz explain :p...
  2. Epic Producer

    [Import] Error Plz Help

    Ok, i was going to change my cd key . but a error showed up. The errors are the attached files. I tried to continue anyway but another error showed that it cant find its path. look at the picture for more information
  3. Epic Producer

    [General] A unit is attacked and moves back and attacks?

    Hi! I want to make like if a unit is attacked, it will move back and attack again and again. +REP another question, how to make a units corpse that does not decay?
  4. Epic Producer

    [General] Item That Revives?

    Hi I want to make a item that when pick, it revives the nearby dead units except undead. How to fo this?