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  1. thePeacey

    [Math] I need a math formula for my trigger

    salutations. let me explain what kind of formula i need. i want to say that when distance between two units is high, then variableX becomes lower (not under 0). and when is low, then variableX becomes higher. i dont want values lower than 0. and note that there is only "- + x /" im waiting for...
  2. Uncle

    Issues with projectile not bouncing off of walls properly in GUI

    EDIT 2: Alright, so this system is tailored to my very specific needs and designed around my map. There's a good chance that this long wall of text won't be helpful to you, but maybe you can pull something out of it. Here's how I'm detecting Wall Bounces for Horizontal and Vertical facing walls...
  3. Ofel

    Best way to calculate fight power?

    function hAI_GetUnitFightPowerAgainstUnit takes unit u1, unit u2 returns real local real sourceHp = GetWidgetLife(u1) local real targetHp = GetWidgetLife(u2) local real sourceWeaponDamage = hAI_GetUnitWeaponDamageToUnit(u1, 1, u2) // u1 weapon damage against u2 local real...
  4. Ofel

    Unit travel time formula

    What is the formula to get the duration a unit need to travel to a point? Example: - Blood Mage has 200 movement speed point (from Object Editor). - The distance of the path going to the target point is 1500. Travel duration = ?? Additional Question If the Blood Mage for example travel the...