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  1. Sapprine

    Photoshop-Enhanced Drustvar Reforged Beta Pics + Thoradin's Wall Bonus image

    All of these images were enhanced in Photoshop, but who can blame me? Reforged has very poor lighting, no shadows, fog doesn't work, sky boxes are tiny and the resolution of the Editor looks blurry as heck. All of this, and the map borders don't even display properly, low framerate and the...
  2. tadosan

    How do I increase the size of a unit on the minimap?

    The unit I'm working with is too small and gets covered up by units of other players on the minimap. You literally can't see it if it walks among any buildings. There's one way of increasing its size that I know of, turning the unit into a building. However, as this unit moves and is a flying...
  3. Oziris

    Last Destination

    Hey, long time no see! Thought I drop this terrain art I did here. ^_^
  4. catlover47

    Black fog

    I am making a game in which the player can turn into fog. I want the fog to be black and I have found these models but the top one has that ugly ring effect and the bottom one won't change color. Can anyone help? CloudOfFog CloudOfFog
  5. Abyssion

    [General] Setting Terain Fog to Specific Region

    Hello Hive, Quick question... Is there a way to set terrain fog to a specific region instead of the entire map? I don't see the option in the trigger editor. Its only a generic set fog for the map. Also what about lighting, is that also possible for specific regions? Enviornment Initialization...
  6. Eldin HawkWing


    Hello Guys :grin: After being inactive for a long months, I plan to create a terrain map and I need a model which is "Cloud/Fog/Smoke Model" attached to ground. Please help :bored:
  7. Yours Truly

    How do you remove these fogs.

    Hey there :D Question here,how do you remove this black fog: