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find map old

  1. AlanSpirand

    Trying to Find an Old Custom Campaign

    As the title suggests, there's a certain WC3 custom campaign that I played as a child about a decade ago and since then lost. I wanted to revisit it but couldn't find it anywhere on the internet (at least with my searches), even though one of my friends confirmed they had it at some point in the...
  2. Keiner

    Help me find the map please.

    Hello everyone, i want to find a map that i've played very long time ago. I've tried already searching on your site and on some others but my searchings was unsuccessful. The problem is - i don't remember the name of the map but i can describe more or less what about map was so i hope maybe...
  3. Skeever

    Need help finding a map.

    Im trying to find an old WC3 map i played a few years ago, it was a Footman-frenzy style map but you could turn on so zombies came in waves as it turned more into a survival game. At the start you all arrived with a zeppelin and (I don´t remember if you got to choose a hero) and then a kodo ran...
  4. RockRoid

    Can you help me find the map im looking for?

    Hey Guys, I restantly began to play Wc3 again after 4 years and I just can't happen to find the Map im looking for... I know there were 2 team on 1 Team you were on the side of Zeus and on the other you were on the side of Athena The Hero you picked can evolve 3 times, you can evolve if your...
  5. old

    Help me to find this map, i forgot the name and i can't find it anyway!

    It's an old map, it's an arena map, you pick your unit (btw its a very very catchy selection system) and you fight in different stages round by round, you can't attack with right buttom, you can just use spells. I think the name is something envolving "Combat" or "Tournament" or "judgment" (when...