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  1. Dispatcher

    Warcraft 3 unreforged

    Hello, fellow warcraft players. Is it still possible to download the old warcraft 3 (version 1.30 or 1.31) without triggering the reforged version when opening the newly downloaded warcraft 3? This happens quite annoyingly with my computer and I don't really like to play the reforged version...
  2. Daffa

    Warcraft 3 Editor Files

    Can anyone give me detail of what each file like w3i, w3h, wct, and so on do? I'm having a headache trying to find files I need to replace and not replace when working via MPQ (this is for an installer). Thanks!
  3. Vel (Tien-Yun) Wu

    [Solved] Voice files extracted from the game for Voice Cloning (AI-generated new dialogues)

    Hello, I currently am doing an experiment of building an expanded universe where existing characters will be involved in excitingly new scenes/dialogues/conversations that the original publisher of the game did not intend. The idea is to create new stories for old characters, where you have...
  4. Blood Raven

    Blood Raven's Milkshape Model Files Library

    Introduction ____________ I've been browsing my backup drives recently and came upon an archive, containing almost all of my .ms3d files that I've ever worked on. Since I won't be installing that software again, I thought it might be interesting to upload them here for everyone to browse and...
  5. Invisible Pink Unicorn

    [Solved] some mod Delete this i had a brain lag the issue is already solved

    So i have a problem. I have been making maps as a hobby for quite some time now but recently had to move on to a new pc and had to install Wc III from battle net instead of installing it from CD. But when installing it that way it didnt seem to put any files on the C: drive and instead just...
  6. Eldrich

    Does Anyone Have or Can Make These?

    I know requesting beta models is a bit redundant in ANY Warcraft 3 forum in general, but I have these existing beta models that don't have portrait models (i.e. beta Footman, Chaos Murloc). The beta Necropolis/Halls of the Dead/Black Citadel model I found doesn't or no longer works in the latest...
  7. SilverSong

    Direction to resource please

    I need a list or listing or otherwise some way of seeing all doodads, labeled including variations, so I can know what the ?! I'm looking at. I am requesting, because it is very hard it seems to get to see all doodads, and the art model files seem to be hidden somehow? and I can't seem to...