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  1. lanchengkai

    How to make a ability button?

    i want make a ability button with FDF, custom UI like WOW(single hero) but i donno how to control CD mask layer can anyone teach me? thanks verymuch :psmile::psmile::psmile: version 1.27
  2. NightKnight

    Reforged UI Designer

    Allow me to introduce you to the: Ultimate Reforged UI Designer (RUID) There is now a new thread for this tool. This thread is no longer being updated. - Designed to take Map modding to the next level, with graphical Frame creation and adjustment. - Made for everyone, from the humble GUI...
  3. Carlos.X

    FDF file vscode syntax extension and color4wc3text

    War3Fdf Support text color highlighting and automatic function supplement install: demo: color4wc3text This is a vscode extension Makes the string prefix of Warcraft 3 recognized and modified by the color picker Support Lua, wurst, jass and other file structures Demo QQ's discussion...
  4. Anchorist

    UI Frames, starting guide

    Check out Tasyen's guides, tutorials and introductions at this link ui-fdf | HIVE for more informations about UI Frames Overview With patch 1.31 Blizzard added more than a few new API functions that allow us, mappers to manipulate with game UI in general (such as visibility of certain parts of...