exporting models

  1. Hun_Bableves

    Exporting original models

    Hello there! I would like to export some of the original warcraft 3 models from the game and rework them. Is this even possible since the latest patch? What tool should I use?
  2. jj84

    I need this model

    I need this wooden wall that is on this map, please share an export of this model. Map link: Infected Zombies v2.3 Thanks.
  3. Kilthunox

    Exporting WC3 Models to .Obj Files.

    Hi everybody! I'm working at getting some models out of Warcraft so I can 3D print them. So far I have used the Model viewer to extract them. Then a .MDX to .obj converter that works well. The only issue is I can only seem to get the default freeze frame animation exported. Which is kind of a...