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  1. rkemsley

    [Solved] Multiplicative Stacking Evasion - MUI

    I have been making an evasion system where all evasion stacks multiplicatively with each other. So all Heroes start with a base evasion stat (Humans gets 15% and so on). Every 10 agility points, the Hero gains 1% evasion (This part is working correctly). I am now making a start on adding...
  2. BrothForMyPeople

    Siege Attack evasion?

    Is it possible via object editor? I mean, making an ability like Demon Hunter's Evasion, but avoiding only siege attack type.
  3. CuriousJacque

    Evasion with Critical Strike

    Can somebody please help me. I want to create an ability wherein the unit has an evasion passive skill and whenever the unit evades an attack, the unit's next attack will deal double damage. Thank you in advance. :cute: