1. Danube River V2

    Danube River V2

    The Danube River from COE V4
  2. COE Screenies 8

    COE Screenies 8

  3. Eastern Footman

    Eastern Footman

    Eastern Footman, I don't know who made this or who gave it to me. But this is just what I need for my current project Crusade over Europe. I only hope people can make more such models, certainly hope that very much.
  4. Units from COE

    Units from COE

  5. COE Screenies 3

    COE Screenies 3

  6. COE Screenies 2

    COE Screenies 2

    Denmark & Greece
  7. COE Screenies 4

    COE Screenies 4

    Egypt & Britanny
  8. COE Screenies 1

    COE Screenies 1

    Egypt & Britanny
  9. (0.58) Crusade Over Europe

    (0.58) Crusade Over Europe

    Terrain from Crusade over Europe
  10. SNIper of DARKness

    [Strategy / Risk] Crusade over Europe

    '][/URL] by S02 Introduction Crusade over Europe is a Medieval themed Grand Strategy map that beside featuring the ordinarily found medieval arsenal and equipment will also have as a key element a Religion system which will contain Crusades and Jihads. Another key and distinct component...
  11. A Fatal Flaw

    A Fatal Flaw

    I have made a fatal flaw, but let's first ask for opinions, give me everything you can think of, all the feedback would be greatly appreciated.