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  1. gravner

    [Trigger] [UI] Help to change Circle under enemy target/mobs

    Hey guys, Im newbie in modding any w3 files I just need help to change the circle under enemy target for thicker or change color them from the thin red to better visibility of them because I need it when im playing RPG custom maps and need to precisely aim on the center of the circle but cannot...
  2. Luashine

    [Mapping] How to control enemy player's units (for play testing)

    Generally if you want to test a map as 2 players, you would launch WC3 twice and play with yourself in LAN. Reforged: just launch the game again, "Warcraft III.exe -launch". You can run up to 6 instances on one computer then it runs out of local ports Classic: use a loader like kLoader If for...
  3. Lordliw

    JASS AI Attacking Enemy Base

    Hello. I wonder if I can make my AI attack every building. When I put SuicideOnEnemyEx(), they aim to destroy the town hall and once it's destroyed they stop and don't attack any further. Is there a way I can change it so they aim for the whole base and not just the town hall? Thanks in fowards...
  4. jonass24

    Enemies run away, when they start loosing

    Hi guys, I have a problem in world editor. When I make a map and my units encounter enemies, enemy´s units start to run away, when they start loosing. They run away for few meters, then they turn back, got one hit and they start running again. Do you have any idea how could I solve this...
  5. victorsuazo1991

    Help pls...

    How can I make the damage that this detonator causes in the area only my enemies receive? When I activate it, it damages my own units and my allies and I do not want that.