1. FeruEnzeruJKun

    Windows 10 Emoji / Emoticon Bugs on HIVE

    hi, i was trying to see if the Windows 10 emoticons/emojis [e.g: (it disappears after saving)] work on the HIVE Workshop (posts, profile posts, status updates, media, media comments, etc :cconf:) site, suddenly, they disappear meaning they don't work due posting/saving. it does that while...
  2. ~Nightmare

    Emoticon Contest #3 - Theme Discussion

    It's been 6 years since we last have an emoticon contest here on hive. And as Hive 2 came, with a new UI, I think we are ready for another new set of emotes to be added to the site's collection. Gather some ideas and suggestions folks! Previouse Contest Themes: Emoticon Challenge #1 Emoticon...