1. BrothForMyPeople

    Hippogryph Rider

    Hi I need model as the thread's name says, but on foot. You will say it's just base Night Elf Archer unit, but it's not. If you look closer, Hippogryph Riders units wear long skirt, which look cool and elite. If someone had time and mood to make such a model, it would be surely very useful, not...
  2. Cuore

    [lore] Who (or what) is Elune?

    This is a plea to all you lore hermits, lore philosophers, gods and demigods, and also lore peasants, peons wisps and acolytes, who pass this thread by. I used to think Elune was a subject of faith and belief more than facts. She was the moon goddess sure but there were really no active...