1. Karton

    Problem with replacing dialogues in the editor ,

    Hello, I have a problem (I know it is trivial) with replacing dialogues in a custom campaign (I want to replace the subtitles with my native language), but when I do it, it either does not detect the map or an error pops up (with the main descriptions, an error pops up, and when editing...
  2. Tobirama

    Warcraft III World Editor Texture Problem

    hello guys Anyone know what's going on? Some custom models downloaded from hiveworkshop are fine and work, but most of them do something like this, maybe someone knows if I am doing something wrong or maybe these custom models are corrupted?
  3. MuckCZE

    Fallen Swords

    Hello. I got the idea from one GMV to spell where swords would fall from the sky in the line and stab themselves in the ground. Does anyone know the animation of falling swords?