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  1. Dord96

    [SD/Modeling] help changing the attack effects for some models of jaina

    hello there some custom jaina models here that i the attack effct that is fire will by removed or changed to blue fire or some thing that resmbel frost ice attack effect this are the models 1 2 and 3 becuas jaina in lore is a frost mage pleass help 🙏
  2. stein123

    Add weapon to model

    Hey! i edited the One headed ogre made by sellenisko: OgreOneHeaded, to use it as an ogre mage, i removed both weapons, and deleted some anims i won't use, the weapon i want to add him is this: Orcish Staff , so the result would be this (this is photoshop btw): If someone can do it i would be...
  3. Ahega0

    How do I change the internal game files?

    Years ago I did this with ease but it's like 5 years without using a computer and I don't even remember how to use the war3 model editor, how do you change the internal files of the game? icons, models, skins and in which routes are they found? any video or tutorial?
  4. OverClocked

    Need a Model Viewer/ Editor

    Does anybody know a reliable Model Viewer that stays up to date and works with the current patch?