1. diabloIIIROS

    Warcraft 3 Creates 2 of every folder and map!

    I got this problem when I put a map in the maps folder, then open Warcraft 3 ROC/TFT it creates another map/folder of it (makes the list really long). I got the game located in " This PC > Documents > Warcraft III Public Test ". The game used to be located my (D) drive but I moved it because...
  2. lv99zephiroth

    Can you duplicate geosets?

    Hi! I'm trying to customize a character model with the Model Editor and MdlVis, and I'm wondering if you can duplicate geosets, as I aim to give the model an extra pair of horns. Duplicating only the horn part of the needed geoset woud probably be most useful. Question is: can the duplication...
  3. Furry Nova

    [Trigger] Duplicate item created when passing charges to another item type.

    I don't understand what is happening with this code. The functionality is to get the number of remaining charges from the dropped holdable item version and then removed. Then it creates a rune item version in its place with the charges passed on to it. So far it's creating a new item in a...