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dungeons and dragons

  1. Abelhawk

    D&D 5e Warcraft Setting Homebrew

    Hey! So recently I've been getting into D&D 5e (finally I found a group to play with during lunch at work) and I wanted to do a Warcraft setting. I've been adapting the rules found in Warcraft: The Roleplaying Game to 5e, and I need some feedback. If you're a player of 5e D&D, give it a look and...
  2. Abelhawk

    How does the passage of time work in a tabletop RPG?

    Hey guys, I've never been able to find a D&D group despite many attempts, but I've really enjoyed reading the books and I love the ideas of having all kinds of things like generation and storytelling work using math. Anyway, I decided to make just a casual play-by-email RPG with my friend back...