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dummy unit

  1. PerPlumeShake

    [General] Dummy that moves to point from each attack of the range attacker

    Hello guys, Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening i would like to know how to make the Range unit create a dummy(DagonBreath dummy) that moves to x point at x speed. From each attack of the Range unit does weather the Range unit attack becomes faster or slower, it won't create a dummy of the attack of...
  2. quela

    Creating Custom Spells with Dummy Units

    Hey there! I have been trying to create a custom spell which essentially is like a holy/light nuke using the default Inferno ability and using a peasant unit (With Locust ability) as a dummy unit but each time i cast it, the spell creates a new, permanent peasant unit. This is the case even...
  3. u wot m8_

    [Spell] Dummy Bash ability not working

    So i've been trying to make an AoE version of Storm Bolt for a hero unit, and used a dummy from another map of mine. I gave the dummy a bash ability with 100% chance to stun enemy units. The dummy is based on a demolisher and it's attack does AoE damage. I am guessing that bash doesn't apply to...
  4. FimbleTharn

    Which is More Efficient

    When it comes to triggers which use a dummy unit to cast an ability, which is more efficient? Having a dummy unit pre-placed in the editor which is moved around the map when called for by a trigger and just giving the dummy unit all the abilities it will potentially need in the object editor...
  5. bruunk

    Negative "Art - Pitch angle (Degrees)" field

    I was looking at this great tutorial here about manipulating special effects and I really wanted to implement one of these things into my map. The instructions are simple and I followed them but it simply did nothing. I was wondering if I was missing something or perhaps if this is no longer...