1. Thunderprime

    Help with Leaderboard and Duel Arena

    Hi, so I've been recently remaking some old hero arena map. The game is almost playable but I need to fix the leaderboard and duel arena to fit togheter as when the countdown timer for duel reach 0, the player with most kills in each team enters the arena to duel. then the leaderboard reset for...
  2. DexterFstone

    how to make duel system

    Hi, a have 4 teams and every team has 3 parameters, Kill, Die, and Flag. Priority with flag then Kill then ِDie less I need a duel system, how to make a duel system?
  3. Cushq

    Arena Duel Trigger

    I'm trying to set up a dueling trigger for my arena map where at say 15-30 minutes intervals there will be a duel with all the current heroes on each team that are on map get sent to a region and after there is one team left will then move the units back to their respective spawn zones. Doesn't...