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  1. DH Dryad

    DH Dryad

  2. Sentinel Heroes

    Sentinel Heroes

    - Archdruid (Morphs into: Wildkin) - Demon Huntress (Morphs into: Demon Form) - Warden (Summons: Avatar of Vengeance / Spirits of Vengeance) - Keeper of the Grove (Summons: Treants) - Daughter of Elune (Summons: Scout Owl)
  3. UHSFA: The Sentinels

    UHSFA: The Sentinels

  4. ThomasEddington

    [SD/Modeling] Model Request: Leaf Beings

    Hi all, I have a model request: A humanoid, made of light at its core, a bursting brilliant light, whose light is shrouded by the cover of many leaves that float about it, perhaps so that those not of the forest can look upon the being without being blinded... The types of animations I...
  5. Kemayo

    Dryad Frost Nymph Skin

    Could someone paint me a Frost Nymph Skin and Icon for the Dryad? Something in the likes of this: