1. HerlySQR

    [Solved] Problem with a drain life based ability

    I made an ability based in drain life that worked fine, but now for no reason the unit instead of healing its life get damaged, I think the problem is has to do with I use a damage detector, but I don't know about JASS, so can someone help me?
  2. Gibanica

    Drain life transfers hp from caster to ally!

    Hey everyone, hope you are well. I know there has been 1000 threads about this, and I've trawled through 99% of them and can't seem to get this to work... Basically I have a healer unit that uses a 'reverse drain life' that drains his own HP and gives it to an allied unit. I have activated...
  3. Jaccouille

    [Spell] Life Drain spell also Drain caster HP

    So I am currently working on this map : Island Troll Tribes I tried adding life drain spell for testing purpose, for some reason, the spell also drain the caster hp, I've no idea why. The original lifedrain (ANdr) and all spell based off it I've tested so far had this behavior on this map...