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  1. TheJassy

    Same ability, Different unit

    Hello, I've made a unit cast the "Doom" spell and it summons a Skeleton warriro. I'm looking for a way so if you cast the same spell on a Archer It'll turn into a skeleton with a bow. Hopefully that kind of explains it since It's kinda weird to explain. 😀
  2. Doom


    Gameplay teaser, new version
  3. Doom Mephisto

    Doom Mephisto

    New boss for my map Doom. I lost the battle...
  4. DOOM Pentagram Teaser

    DOOM Pentagram Teaser

    This is how you will get the new guns, which I add to the map soon :)
  5. Vlad2112

    Animation Comic RPG

    This ought to be a long one. I'll start by explaining what our view of this game is and what we figured out so far, I'll then mention what people we have involved in the project and lastly, what we need. We decided to mix up 2 of our favourite genres together to create something we'd consider...
  6. Evilhog

    [Discussion] Ascension - a GZDoom engine-based RPG

    My pals at the Russian Doom Community have just released Ascension, an ambitious RPG mod based on GZDoom - a source port of the original Doom. The game features 19 levels, including a large city, sprawling dungeons and forests, dozens of NPCs, numerous quests, a few cranky puzzles and many...