1. Luashine

    How to contribute to jassdoc for dummies

    What is jassdoc? Jassdoc (lep's explanation, source & viewer; moyack's) is the community's collaborative attempt to do something a multi-billion (or smol million?) corporation couldn't afford a budget for: documentation for the part of the game, the part that made it live on for almost a decade...
  2. _Guhun_

    [vJASS] Possible key values?

    Hey, I was wondering if anyone knew exactly what values the key type can generate? I looked around but couldn't find any documentation on it. From my testing it doesn't appear to start from a certain number and then increment each key by 1. Instead, it starts from a random number and increments...
  3. Cokemonkey11

    Insights - good architectural control flow

    This is a quick insight post about a topic that came out of my review of Paint Bomb v1.00 . My review notes: And @KILLCIDE is interested in my review in the context of becoming a better programmer. Among my critiques, I consider this the most important point (though possibly not the most...