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  1. FSK

    Geopolitical Diplomacy

    This geopolitical simulator is the next advancement in the TAF/Diplomacy series, and now features dynamic resource and financial markets which respond to changing financial and geopolitical conditions in real time. This map is in development and needs testing and recommendations. New beta...
  2. Jeff91

    [General] Control Panel Unit

    Hello, I am trying to create a control panel unit, basically a Hero in some dark corner which is gonna have abilities he can use globally to ally/unally or various options. My problem is how to get rid of the unit's other commands and abilities like Patrol/Stand etc.. so that only the abilities...
  3. Jeff91

    Help Find Icon

    Hello, I need help to find suitable icons for some actions/abilities (they can be either custom or vanilla): -Declaring War -Allying Someone -Unally Someone/Neutral -Share Control These would be actions a nation could use to interact with other nations/players. Basically what would fit and...
  4. khangus

    Warcraft Diplomacy

    Hi everyone. Please help me out with my idea about a muliplayer game of Diplomacy on warcraft engine. Please note that i am not a native english speaker. the idea is to introduce a new game GENRE = the Diplomacy my way is: - it is in Warcraft (not in cards, not in real military technologies...