1. Rykon-V73

    A fix for A unit is attacked event

    I know there are fixes for the event mentioned at the title. Sure, it works, but it's also buggy. I want a damage detection system that's easy to use and a spell with an example with this dds will help me with this. I hope that spell is MUI. Can anyone help?
  2. Lake

    [Solved] Damage Detection [WURST]

    I'm getting some "interesting" results, when I make use of the GetEventDamage() together with the pretty cool damage libraries in Wurst. The problem seems to be that the DamageTypes library, sometimes makes extra damage calls, which are also being registered by the DamageDetection. It results...
  3. Recklessness

    Player online detection

    Essentially what I've been trying to figure out to do is a trigger that would enable my RPG to detect which of the three players are online so they can all get the game started at once. Let me specify a bit more. In my rpg you start at a race selection screen then a class selection screen...
  4. Risk™Master

    Unit-type Queue detection

    I just would like to know if it is possible to detect every single unit in a building queue. So, if somebody trained a footman, a rifleman, a knight, 2 more footmen, another knight, and a second rifleman in that order, could I use triggers to detect all of them? I need help because a building...
  5. Ofel

    Is there a way to get the attack type of a unit?

    I desperately need this. Is this possible?
  6. Ofel

    [Solved] Inaccurate damage reduction value?

    This function should return the damage bonus of an attack type against an armor from Gameplay Constants. function hAI_GetUnitArmorReduction takes unit u, attacktype aType returns real local boolean dmgEventEnabled = IsTriggerEnabled(udg_hAI_DE_DamageEventTrigger) local real...
  7. deepstrasz

    Detecting maps with memory hack

    As a reviewer I'm interested in this since the policy is not to allow such maps be approved on the site. So, if you have any idea how can one find out if a map is using hacks or not, please do tell: @MindWorX @GhostWolf @DracoL1ch
  8. pyf

    When faulty detection routines in Antivirus software lead to bans

    Is it old news? Is it new news? Is it prophetic news? Is the post below about Diablo 2? About Warcraft 3? About any video game? Does said post make any sense at all? Is the one who wrote it a trusted source of information? ... ... ... you decide. Source