defense of the ancients

  1. ThePoet

    Dota Bots?

    Greetings, I'm sure nobody expected to hear this question ever again, but does anyone have any information or a link for me to browse options/prices for a bot for dota games? Specifically Dota Lod? I am the leader of the Dota Lod group on which has over 100 members from around the world...
  2. ThePoet

    Dota LoD Bugs since Reforged

    Hello Hive, This help request is intended for anyone who can fix, or can explain how to fix the following minor bugs in Defense of the Ancients - Legends of Dota (Dota LoD). Also, if anyone has access to an unprotected version of this map so that said bugs can be fixed, it would also be...
  3. ThePoet

    Dota LoD bugs

    Hello, There are a few minor bugs in Dota LoD ever since reforged came out which are discussed in detail on blizzard's forum here: Dota LoD Bugs Some programmers even replied with possible solutions to these bugs, however, nobody seems to be willing to, or able to implement said...
  4. Acutesharpness

    [Aeon of Strife] Battle of Heroes

    BATTLE OF HEROES After peace-time two parts of civilization formed. Humans, whom are capable of their intelligence and survival and the Undeads, whom are known for their longevity and cruelty. The Humans called themselves the Alliance while the Undeads called their reign the Scourge. Over...
  5. BloodDrunk

    Recording DotA gameplays

    Hello everyone I yesterday decided I will start recording full gameplays of DotA matches, and uploading them to youtube. So if you're interested in checking 'em out, it would be nice. I will plan on occasionally uploading gameplays of other games, too, but the focus will be DotA matches. Might...