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  1. Crusher

    [Defense / Survival] delete

  2. Fakuspakus

    [Trigger] Defend ability issue.

    Point of my trigger is to gain armor whenever Defend is active while draining 20 mana per second but I am having some issues. Problems: This part is not detected, its purpose is to remove mana per second cost and armor when Stop Defending is used. If I do this in seperate trigger then...
  3. Parry War 2/2

    Parry War 2/2

    Recorded after changing the trigger a bit. This time your own skills don't get interrupted (mostly)... which has its own pros and cons (visually at least) compared to the 1st video.
  4. axleion

    [Solved] a bug with activable barrage

    please help, I attempt to recreate an ability, simply an activable barrage (for those familiar with Dota, it's like Medusa's Split Shot) It was based off Defend (to achieve damage factor) ability which gives hidden spellbook containing Barrage when activated. I managed to finish the ability...
  5. BETA

    Defend Strafe Movement.

    Is it possible to create a GUI Defend spell that when it is toggled, you can make the unit strafe?
  6. MetalKing1417

    Sci Fi Spell breaker

    What I am requesting is a version of the Spell Breaker that can fit in with a Space Marine Army. This can be a retexture or a new model. There are a few additional stipulations I would like to add: 1: Replace the glaive weapon with a grenade attack 2. Make the Shield Metal, and not some plasma...