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  1. J2Krauser

    [Solved] Detect Spell Steal secondary target

    Hi. Is the title possible to do in any way that's reliable? Secondary target meaning the one that gets the buff/debuff after it getting removed from the primary one. I likely already know the answer which is to make a custom Spell Steal instead and do everything myself, but maybe someone knows...
  2. bruunk

    [Solved] Info on what types of slows stack with themself

    Hi, I want to make a spell that has a short cooldown and will slow the target slightly, allowing the player to spam out slows and gradually make the target enemy very slow. I know that slow poison has a field for this, I've never tested it but I was thinking about using that but I want to know...
  3. M

    [Spell] Undispellable Buff without the Dummy Aura?

    Hey. I wanted to create a life steal buff spell, which similar to the "Mana Shield", "Doom" or "Divine Shield" wouldn't be dispellable. Is there any way to do this avoiding the Dummy Aura? Sure, I could do that, but I don't really like the triggered spells and don't wanna waste my time if for...
  4. Hazop

    Ability Debuffs

    Can abilities use negative integers? For example, can ability do -30% attack speed debuff?
  5. Venkolm

    [Spell] Reducing healing received

    A'ight, i'm tryin' to complete a hero fo' my map, and there is just one last ability to be added. Let's say it's gotta be like Mortal Strike, from WoW - hits the enemy target with a debuff, healing debuff. The target hit, will receive half the healing from friendly healing spells (and maybe...
  6. Carlt0n

    [Spell] Custom debuff on auto attack.

    Hey all, I have been using the map editor for about a week and utilized this site a tonne. Hopefully I have chosen the correct forum to post my question. I am trying to create a passive spell which applies a debuff to the target of the spell owner's auto attack. I have been unsuccessful so...
  7. AquaFire

    How to Make a Unit Immune to Movement Slow?

    Hello Everyone, I am watching to create an equip-item that allows the user to ignore all movement-speed-slowing effects. I do not want to create a trigger that will just remove all buffs affiliated with movement speed debuffs because the intent is to remove just the movement speed slow and not...
  8. Krakenn99

    [Spell] Black Arrow affect hero?

    The Dark Ranger's Black Arrow ability does not work on Heroes. By that I mean that I does the bonus damage, but it does not curse them so when they die they'll spawn a creep. How can I make it so that the attacked Heroes also get cursed/debuffed?