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  1. Dark Elves

    Dark Elves

    DE Army V0.5
  2. Cherrymage

    Roleplay : Dunkelheit

    topResistance Against the Cake Crusade Dunkelheit "A World of Darkness" Up-to-date Last Update : 7th of March, 2018 CE Table of Contents About Maps Rules and Guidelines Major Factions Player Data The Management Skip this Post aboutAbout Alastorn, the mythical world of darkness that has...
  3. Rykon-V73

    Second effect for Breath of Darkness

    I would like to request the ability to miss, should the enemies have been hit by the Breath of Darkness. Link to model: https://www.hiveworkshop.com/bundles/breathoffiremissile.50504/download?token=95dd0500403a559effa9a326eef688e3_50504_1505421658 Optional: Out of all the icons, the Breath of...
  4. mietek

    [Role Playing Game] Eternal Darkness

    Micek aka me <Mehcanics & story> Shadow44 <Graphical Site of Project> Eternal Darkness is Fully Multiplayer (up to 6 player in one game) Arcade/CRpg. There are few characteristic things about this project: First one is specific difficulty. Teamwork will be required. Playing solo...
  5. BossMaker

    [Campaign] The Ascendant - Idea -

    First time to do a campaign, I hope this may catch your interest. I intend to make this different from most rpg campaigns: The light is the enemy, the darkness is your friend. You will finally be able to experience what it feels like to be a villain and cause mayhem for the "good".